Local rules

1. Course
– White pole: Out of Bounds
– Yellow pole: Water hazard
– Red pole: Parallel water hazard
– Blue pole:: Area under repair
– Blue pole with black top: Area under repair – play prohibited

2. Yellow. red and blue marking poles are immovable obstructions (rule 24-2).

3. The stone wall along the right-hand side of hole 5 is Out of Bounds.

4. If a ball hits a power mast or associated cables, the player must disregard his stroke, lift the ball and, in accordance with rule 20-5, play another ball as close as possible to the spot from which the original ball was played.

5. All the winter greens are considered a wrong green when playing on normal greens, and vice versa. Rule 25-3.

6. If a tree/bush is protected by a supporting pole or if a plant or pole constitutes an obstruction to a player’s stance or the area for his/her intended swing, the ball may be lifted without penalty and dropped in accordance with the procedure described in rule 24-2b (immovable obstruction). The player may clean the ball when it is lifted in accordance with this rule.

7. Gravel paths are immovable obstructions. Relief in accordance with rule 24-2.

8. Stones inside bunkers are movable obstructions. Rule 24-1.

9. At Kaj Lykke Golf Club, players are permitted to use a distance-measuring device. Rule 14-3 and supplement I, section A, item 9.