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The Club and its surroundings

The club is regularly fearured in the local media (e.g. newspapers, portals, radio). The club also has five teams, ranging from Ladies’ Qualifiers to Gentlemen’s Division in The Danish Golf Union’s Denmark Series tournament.

In line with its visions for the club itself and golf at the national and international levels, the club maintains a green profile.

We are also a very active club in terms of the number and scope of events and profile activities held in cooperation with our partners. We do everything we can to earn an even better CSR rating.


Kaj Lykke Golf Club has a modern clubhouse. Players have free access to changing rooms with showers and storage lockers for clothing and valuables.

The club offers an interesting six-hole par 3 course, driving range, an 18-hole putting green, practice bunkers and a short game practice area.

On Thursday morning, the driving range is closed for ball retrieval.

Players must book tee times for rounds between 06.00-21.00 (applies every day of the week). To book a tee time, click or call the Secretary’s Office on +45 75 10 22 46 or Pro-Shoppen on +45 75 10 12 24.

The Secretary’s Office

The staff in the Secretary’s Office are on hand to help members, guests and sponsors on any matter pertaining to Kaj Lykke Golf Club.

Secretary’s Office – Hours of opening:

Monday: Kl. 08.00 – 14.00
Tuesday: Kl. 08.00 – 14.00
Wednesday: Kl. 12.30 – 17.30
Thursday: Kl. 08.00 – 14.00
Friday: Kl. 08.00 – 14.00

Club Secretary:


Susanne Nørgaard
Kirkebrovej 5
DK-6740 Bramming

+45 75 10 22 46


Morten Mortensen
Kirkebrovej 5
6740 Bramming

+45 40 50 43 50

If you need to contact the club outside the Secretary’s Office’s hours of opening, please contact the Club Manager.

Golf lessons


1 lesson (20 min) DKK 150
5 lessons (each 20 min) DKK 650
10 lessons (each 20 min) DKK 1200
Lesson for two people (30 min) DKK 250
Play golf painlessly (1 person 50 min) DKK 450
Group lesson (50 min – minimum 6 people) DKK 100 per person
Annual subscription (1 April-31 October) DKK 2500

If you are a group of 6 people interested in a 50-minute lesson on any golf-related theme you can think of, contact us to book an appointment. For prices, see above.

Play golf painlessly

“Play golf painlessly” is a course on offer for the first time this year. Kenneth is the trainer for this type of lesson. If you have an injury or condition (arthritis, for example), if you have a replacement hip/knee/shoulder or find playing golf painful for some other reason, this type of lesson is right for you. When we undergo PGA training, we learn a great deal about physiology and anatomy, which helps us to help golf players under these conditions. We are not doctors but our special understanding of the golf swing may help you to avoid pain. As part of preparing for your lesson, Kenneth is keen to read any material you may have about your injury, e.g. X-rays of a slipped disc or your doctor’s/physiotherapist’s notes. During the lesson itself, Kenneth will review your injury, analyse your swing and attempt to find a functional movement which can minimise the pain you feel when playing golf.

For more information, pop into Proshoppen!

How to book tee times

At Kaj Lykke Golf Club, the following applies to KLG members and green fee guests all year around.

Players must book tee times for rounds between 06.00-21.00 (applies every day of the week). There are 8 minutes between tee times.

Order tee times here:

You can book up to 14 days in advance. You can book tee times in one of the following ways:

On the internet via Golfbox.

Call Pro-Shoppen on +45 40 50 43 50 or the Secretary’s Office on +45 75 10 22 46.

You are welcome to use the screens outside the Secretary’s Office, in Proshoppen or in the Secretary’s Office.

If you are prevented from playing a booked tee time, you can delete the booking or notify the Secretary’s Office.


When you arrive, please remember to confirm your booking. Swipe your DGU card in the card reader next to the screen outside the Secretary’s Office. If you have forgotten your card, you can confirm your booking manually on the screen. You must confirm the booking no later than 10 minutes before tee-off.

If there is a group of one, 2 or 3 players booked at the time you wish to play, you are entitled to add your name to this group and play with them. In the event of difficulties with the screen or if you have questions of any kind, please contact a member of staff.

Kaj Lykke Golf Club:

Kaj Lykke Golfklub was founded on 6 April 1988 by an active group of people living in Bramming.

The first nine holes opened in July 1989 and the next nine holes in May 1991. Many of the members enjoyed a couple of amazing years, forming a community, excavating, collecting stones and levelling the greens. The club is now an established club with healthy finances.

Kaj Lykke Golfklub also has a par 3 course, driving range, large short game training area and putting greens. The clubhouse has excellent changing room facilities, a professional shop (Proshoppen) and a pleasant restaurant with views over the course.

Kaj Lykke golf Club has about 1,100 members, who have access to facilities all year round. The club is one of the largest associations in the area. It attracts people of all ages. Several thousand guests – from Denmark and abroad – visit the club each year. Kaj Lykke Golf Club receives good reviews – for the course, facilities and service.

The Course:

We have an international standard 18-hole golf course and a six-hole par 3 course.

Both courses lie in a typical North Sea coastal landscape. The sky and horizon are wide and high. The course lies partly in woodlands and partly in meadowlands with two striking natural features – Bramming Å and Sneum Å rivers. There are water hazards and lakes in play on several holes.

The course is well-proportioned. Nine holes run in an east-west trajectory and nine north-south. There are no blind holes on the course.

The course is a key feature of the club’s vision, which is to develop consistently and provide challenges not only for elite golf players but also for weekend golfers. The club strives to remain at the forefront of developments in golf in Denmark.

Course architect: Mr. Bent Nielsen.


Local rules

1. Course
– White pole: Out of Bounds
– Yellow pole: Water hazard
– Red pole: Parallel water hazard
– Blue pole:: Area under repair
– Blue pole with black top: Area under repair – play prohibited

2. Yellow. red and blue marking poles are immovable obstructions (rule 24-2).

3. The stone wall along the right-hand side of hole 5 is Out of Bounds.

4. If a ball hits a power mast or associated cables, the player must disregard his stroke, lift the ball and, in accordance with rule 20-5, play another ball as close as possible to the spot from which the original ball was played.

5. All the winter greens are considered a wrong green when playing on normal greens, and vice versa. Rule 25-3.

6. If a tree/bush is protected by a supporting pole or if a plant or pole constitutes an obstruction to a player’s stance or the area for his/her intended swing, the ball may be lifted without penalty and dropped in accordance with the procedure described in rule 24-2b (immovable obstruction). The player may clean the ball when it is lifted in accordance with this rule.

7. Gravel paths are immovable obstructions. Relief in accordance with rule 24-2.

8. Stones inside bunkers are movable obstructions. Rule 24-1.

9. At Kaj Lykke Golf Club, players are permitted to use a distance-measuring device. Rule 14-3 and supplement I, section A, item 9.



Se our website

The Pro shop ny

Proshoppen at Kaj Lykke golf Club offers a wide range of good quality products, golf shoes and accessories from the leading golf brands. Proshoppen also offers consistently friendly service for members and guests alike.

You can get professional guidance, book golf lessons, be fitted for clubs and have your swing analysed here. Proshoppen also organises company events, etc.

For further information or to book lessons or events, please call us:

Proshoppen – Phone: +45 75 10 12 24.

Morten Mortensen – Mobile: +45 40 50 43 50 – E-mail: proshop(at) or mmortensen(at)

Hours of opening:

Hours of opening – 1 April until 31 October

Tuesday 10:00 – 17:00
Wednesday 10:00 – 17:00
Thursday 10:00 – 17:00
Friday 10:00 – 17:00
Saturday 09:00 – 15:00
Sunday/Public holidays 09:00 – 15:00

You can also call by agreement: +45 40 50 43 50.

Equipment to fit

Having equipment that fits you is the key to good golf.

Your grip, shoes, balls and clubs can be adapted to fit your individual needs and level of achievement.

Grip size If you use the wrong size of grip, you will tense and swing incorrectly. An incorrect swing can be uncomfortable and even cause pain.

Shaft hardness: Shafts are available in many different hardnesses. The shaft should be adapted to your strength and the speed of your swing. Hardness is significant for the flight, length and direction of the ball. The wrong shaft could severely impair length and control. Computer measurements take future golf potential into account.

Club weight: If you use the wrong weight of club, you will find it extremely difficult to master the fundamentals of golf.

Loft and lie: Loft and lie are calculated based on your height and the length of your arms. If you use the wrong size or angles, your stance will be poor. The result? Irreversible problems with your swing.

Materials: There are many different types of metals, shafts and grips. They are important not only for the efficiency of your clubs, but also for their expected lifetime.

Benefits: Buy a good quality product and your clubs will last for years. Give yourself a chance to develop and train the basics so that you can play at your best and enjoy the game to the full.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Pop into Proshoppen at any time for free advice and guidance. Bring your own clubs with you and feel the difference!