Equipment to fit

Having equipment that fits you is the key to good golf.

Your grip, shoes, balls and clubs can be adapted to fit your individual needs and level of achievement.

Grip size If you use the wrong size of grip, you will tense and swing incorrectly. An incorrect swing can be uncomfortable and even cause pain.

Shaft hardness: Shafts are available in many different hardnesses. The shaft should be adapted to your strength and the speed of your swing. Hardness is significant for the flight, length and direction of the ball. The wrong shaft could severely impair length and control. Computer measurements take future golf potential into account.

Club weight: If you use the wrong weight of club, you will find it extremely difficult to master the fundamentals of golf.

Loft and lie: Loft and lie are calculated based on your height and the length of your arms. If you use the wrong size or angles, your stance will be poor. The result? Irreversible problems with your swing.

Materials: There are many different types of metals, shafts and grips. They are important not only for the efficiency of your clubs, but also for their expected lifetime.

Benefits: Buy a good quality product and your clubs will last for years. Give yourself a chance to develop and train the basics so that you can play at your best and enjoy the game to the full.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

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